Sunday, 27 December 2015

Fruitcake: Not just for Christmas

Three years ago today, my cousin Sian died suddenly after suffering an ectopic pregnancy. 
Sian was a precious soul, 34 years old and is missed by so many.

Shortly after her death, I discovered that not only is this day my birthday and now a day to celebrate Sian's life, but it is also official National Fruitcake Day!

Some might say it's not the most exciting slice of confectionary, yet which other cake...

On her death, Sian left me some money and I wanted to spend it on something truly special so I commissioned amazing Pearls & Swine Milliner Bink to make me a fruitcake hat... and here it is ....

Yet Bink has managed to make our reliable, durable, old as the hills and sometimes used as a doorstop fruitcake truly beautiful.

And there's the lovely thing ... 
the thing Ive really come to know since Sian died.... 
It's the seemingly dull things in life that are the most amazing. 
Every day is a new opportunity
Every slice of life a glorious gift ...
... whether it comes with icing or not.

I love this hat
Thank you Bink, thank you Sian and
Happy Fruitcake Day everyone!

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