Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fruitcake Maintenance

Life is great but it does have a way of beating the fruit out of your cake from time to time and its important when this happens, to take time out and recharge your ingredients. Last week I spent a whole week on the Island of Raasay in North West Scotland which for me is just the place for this kind of thing..

while I put fashion to one side for the trip I still wanted to be comfortable and so stuck to a standard reliable daily uniform..

At an initial glance, the Raasay landscape might not appear to be bountiful with the five a day necessary for fruitcake enrichment...

but its the perfect spot to dig your heels in

bury your head in the sand

and blow out the cobwebs

All that plus a good bake in the oven....

and your inner fruitcake is not only good to go but ready for the fireworks...

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