Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Elf Socks

While I'm a BIG fan of a clash, there is a certain satisfaction when something matchy matchy comes together on the wardrobe front....

Santa's elves are pretty busy from October through December, answering mail, adjusting the naughty/nice list and generally organising presents. However following their January vacations the elves have some spare time and it is our firm belief, here at Two by Two, that the elves run a separate operation during the rest of the year knitting socks. These socks are truly special, beautiful in colour and design and made from organic wool, cotton and bamboo...

People do get excited about these socks. When they arrive in the shop, I put them in the window and before I can say knit one purl one, they have gone their separate ways, home to happy feet. Through the year it is not uncommon for people to come in and ask when the socks will be back in stock and on occasion a pair have been returned with the heels worn through......I feel slightly embarrassed about this and expect the customer to demand a refund but instead they simply plead me for another pair. It is true that once you've walked the path of the elves there is no turning back. 

You might think that we would keep such popular socks in stock all the time but it doesn't work like that. First of all, the elves only send them out if you deserve them and second of all, you have to know about the socks....Two by Two discovered them purely by chance on another exhibitors stand at PURE and they weren't exactly well advertised...

......finally, you have to make your order which you do by filling out a form and leaving it in the bucket. There is no contact details for the socks just a PO Box number in Norway. This year I met the actual lady who collects the form but she was none the wiser about the origin of the socks, she is only the messanger. I did put in a repeat order and hope for 2 deliveries this year but time will tell whether we deserve it or not???

We think the elves took a trip by the seaside this year and we love their new nautical striped socks...

Fair Isle long socks £17
Fair Isle short socks £13
Striped socks £12

get them while you can

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