Tuesday, 9 July 2013


The theme for this years Ulverston Carnival was 'Pick a Decade'. I was quite thrilled with this because last week Karen Butterfield ...the tutu genius off of Just Tutu Gorgeous..... had delivered my new tutu to the shop. I decided I would definitely have to choose the 80's...

I'll be honest I didn't order this tutu to wear at the actual Carnival, I just thought that it would be good to have one...a wardrobe staple if you will. Until recently its been a bit of a grim spring/summer and I thought a tutu would be just the ticket to keep me out of the doldrums. Tutu Power really is a thing..

my Mum says I'm just a frustrated... never did make it as a dancing girl ....and I'm sure she's right but as ever I'm with Edith Head who said

"you can have anything you want in life so long as you dress for it"

and fortunately I managed to rustle up a bit of a troupe..

Most of the other decades were represented by the Carnival.... Ulverston Scrapstore put on a marvellous 1920's display which included lots of feathers and beads..

...and Ford Park went for vegetables in general. Since they were organic vegetables, I think we can deduct they chose to represent the current decade..

I'm not sure which decade these dancing girls were on board with but these were my favourite outfits....

I still didn't make it as a dancing girl....though not for want of trying... 

....nevertheless my Just Tutu Gorgeous tutu made for guaranteed smiles all round...

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