Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Oubas Knitwear

Couldn't resist an apres ski theme for our window this week...cosy dresses, new in by Cut Loose with deluxe scarves by our new label Oubas Knitwear which are designed and made right here in Ulverston by Kate Wilson. Kate has returned home after designing for Toast to do her own thing with wool and I am so excited by what she has achieved so far. Oubas Knitwear has a stunning signature and her scarves are irresistible.

All Oubas Knitwear scarves are made from lambswool in Kate's studio here in Ulverston, they are cosy warm while delicate to touch. They are perfect for now yet light and soft enough to see you right through into the spring. Barbara and Bunty are in no rush to take them off..... 

If you are heading to the hills any time soon or just want to inject some snowy inspired style into your wardrobe you're in luck, I've just been and am happy to report back with what's HOT on the piste! 

You will definitely be needing an Oubas Knitwear scarf if you are going for the underwear as outerwear trend!

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