Monday, 23 July 2012


Model of the Day, Bexi Schmit, is part of the Two by Two family since she works on Saturdays. Bexi is multi talented, her tasks ranging from updating the Two by Two website to rolling T shirts (she has not achieved Olympian standard in T shirt rolling yet but is practising for Rio de Janerio). Today Bexi is mucking out the stock room to prepare for the arrival of Autumn Winter deliveries. This is her outfit for the job... she cute or what!! Bexi likes to mix up her Two by Two finds with things she finds on ebay and today her Lazy Jacks hoody and Vero Moda T shirt are perfect with these teeny tiny shorts. We could never sell such shorts in Two by Two since the Ladies of the window Barbara, Bunty and Beryl, who don't have Bexis legs, would refuse to wear them.....

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