Friday, 17 March 2017

2x2 Training

My name is Jessica and I have spent the last week at 2x2 on Market Street for my work experience placement. 

2x2 is an independent ladies fashion boutique and I chose to do my placement here because I thought it would help me with my fashion and textiles GCSE I have chosen.

My dress code was to be 'fashionable' as it is very important to make a good impression and to look presentable!

I also learnt that it it very important to know the fashion trends and the up and coming ones too.

Another very important thing to know whilst working here is the importance of fabrics and which ones are used at 2X2. 
This diagram shows a list of fabrics and their individual qualities:

And here is a size guide to lots of different countries sizes. 
I founds this very useful to help find a customer the perfect size.

I had lots of different tasks to complete during the week which included: 
window cleaning, serving customers, writing their receipts and unpacking new stock ...

 Of course all these job were very fun but I have to say my favouring job was ... 
visual merchandising .... the socks!!!!!

My least favourite task was probably rolling the t shirts!

And finally how can you not have a favourite piece of clothing in this shop? 
Mine would definitely have to be the bright orange Leather Jacket by Oui!

And there you have it my first week ever, working. It was a very good experience and I have taken a lot away from this. 😀